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I love love loved the Cleveland Flash Fiction Festival and can’t wait till next year’s. Also loving Flash Fiction America. Also got Aimee Bender’s ...Lemon Cake. I’ve always thought lemon cake was sad

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Hi Tammy! I'm currently working on a novel! I'm in the outlining stages. It will be multiple POVs, and I am halfway through outlining the chapters for my first protagonist. I'm excited to have the creative juices flowing again.

I'm currently reading It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover, and reading/editing a family member's pirate fantasy manuscript. All of these things are very interesting and quality writing! I was in quite the reading rut last year, but seem to be out of it in 2023!

Listening to... hmm, a lot of podcasts. I really love the Gilmore to Say podcast. It feels like the hostesses speak as if they were writing a critical essay on Gilmore Girls and it brings my heart so much joy.

Thanks for sharing your picks! I'll have to dip my toes in.

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Even as a kid.

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